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Ben Turner: Beginnings, achievements and mental health

April 4, 2019
Ben has done so much in and for the music industry. He started off as a journalist, he then launched the well-known magazine Muzik, he’s been a TV producer and director, he's the owner of management company Graphite, he's artist manager for a number of leading electronic music artists, he’s co-founder of IMS, co-founder of AFEM and so much more, that you’ll hear about during this podcast. 
We talk about how Ben started out in music, how he’s managed to take on so many projects over the years, the biggest achievement in his career, tips for staying focused and clear-minded and finally a topic that we’re hearing so much more about now and that is so important to talk about: Mental health. 
You can find out more about IMS / Remedy State here:
You can find out more about AFEM here: