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Jo Little: Creative Cleansing

April 26, 2019
Jo used to live the high life in the non-stop, fast-paced world of event and music festival production. She worked hard and played harder for long days and longer nights until in a heartbeat her world turned upside down as the aneurysm she had unknowingly harbored in the center of her brain ruptured, putting her deep into a coma where she fought to stay alive for 6 weeks. Learning to walk, talk and swallow was just the start but the hardest battle was working to regain her cognitive function.  
She problem-solved her health as she would have in event production and it was through being in touch with her creativity that she became most alive. Jo now works with other people in the creative industry and their tides, cycles, and rhythms to help them find the still point in the center of the storm, learning how their bodies adapt through breath, movement and intention.
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