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John Acquaviva: From the beginning up until now

September 4, 2019
John Acquaviva... Where to begin?! John is such an amazing person, down to earth, hard-working and great to be around. I’ve known John for quite a few years now and each year I interview him and always learn something new!  
If you haven’t heard directly of John Acquaviva’s works, the chances are - whatever your involvement with electronic music is - that you will be aware of his work and influence within the electronic music community. The Italian-Canadian artist is also known for his involvement with techno titan Richie Hawtin and the forming of the highly influential labels Plus 8 Recordings and Definitive records and his fruitful involvement with Final Scratch and especially Beatport, being a vital founder of both companies.
He is a pioneer of electronic music’s technological evolution and helped sculpt the genre’s game-changing transition from analog to digital and from vinyl to turntables and laptops. In sharing this vision with Richie Hawtin, they spearheaded a project that would act as the iTunes of dance, which paved the path for a new and zestful era.
I had so much fun recording this episode with John! He had so many great stories to tell as we spoke about his journey right from the beginning up until now… I absolutely love this episode and I’m sure you will too! 

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