Can U Put Me On Guestlist?

Mark Lawrence

February 8, 2021

Mark Lawrence has done so much in the music industry as well as for it. This includes 10 years at PRS as well as being the former CEO of AFEM. Mark is now the director of Black Rock Publishing as well as Sentric Electronic, working side by side with some of the most exciting established and upcoming talent in the industry. Before this interview, I personally didn’t know much about publishing at all, so it was so interesting to find out exactly how publishing works, how a publishing deal comes about and how the last year has affected the world of publishing. Mark is so great to listen to as not only does he share so much great knowledge but also gives a lot of brilliant advice for creatives. Mark is also an Advisory Board Member at In Place of War, which you can find more information about here:


Black Rock:


Sentric Electronic:

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