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The Positive Podcast: Messages from the dance music industry

April 2, 2020

Firstly, I’d just like to send you all love and strength during these times. Today’s episode is a bit of a different one. I’ve been finding that the news and social media can be very overwhelming and very sad these days, so I decided to put a positive podcast together!

In this short, 15 minute podcast, you’ll hear lots of different positive messages from different people in the dance music industry from all around the globe. Each person has given a short message on one positive thing that they think that themselves, the planet or the music industry will get out of this situation.

Please remember to share this with people that you think could really do with a little boost of positivity right now and thank you for listening!

Also a huge huuuuge thank you to all of these wonderful people for their message and positive thoughts for the podcast: Junior Sanchez, Alyssa Fassler from The Bullit Agency, Mo'Funk from Pioneer DJ, Farah Syed from Beatport, Max Chapman, Lydia Laws from Lydia Laws PR, Hector, Attilio Pugliese from FM Artists, Mason Maynard, Sofia Morales - Performer & dancer, Yulia Niko, Javier de Castro from Analog Agency, Daisy Dee from MTV, Clare Dickins from Clare Dickins PR, Josh Butler, Matthew Hoag from elrow, Andy Stanton from 33, Sivan Pitchon from BPM Bookings, Squire, Nilly Alan - Publicist.